We frequently host week long camps to provide aspiring young footballers an opportunity to take their game to the next level. These camps consist of intense daily training sessions usually focusing on one of the many technical and tactical skills necessary to become a better footballer. The Camps are also set up for youth who are new to the game and are looking to learn the basic foundational football skills all players should have. These Camps have proven to be a success in the past and Conscient Football aims to leverage this aspect by organizing up to 4 Camps in the calendar year 2011-12. While Conscient Football hosts the Camps, the expertise will be provided by leading international football coaches. We recommend all footballers take part in these Camps to elevate their game no matter where the starting point.

Conscient Football Camps (March 2011)

The Conscient Football Camps is the next step taken by Conscient Football to further its football development activities for Delhi NCR youth. Targeting 600+ children from across Delhi NCR, the specialized Conscient Football Camps is an intensive platform for participating children to learn football skills from qualified local and international coaches of a leading international program. The dual grade of coaching and training techniques previously came from a globally recognized coach who is a former Portugal, Real Madrid and Manchester United (Assistant) manager/coach.

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