Conscient Football

Conscient Football is a grassroots development initiative undertaken by the Conscient Group with the Heritage Schools network in Delhi NCR; the latter being a part of its ventures in the education sector, as an extension of its wider portfolio.

Conscient Football is dedicated to raising the bar in football programming at the grassroots level by reaching out to children across Delhi NCR in the initial years, and the exclusive collaboration with one of the world's greatest football clubs- FCBarcelona is one of the various steps taken in that direction. The greater aim is to establish a nationwide footprint with its football development activities over the next few years whilst establishing the foundation in terms of a feeder program for FCBEscola- the world-class football school imparting high-class football education catering to the best players found within its programs. The FCBEscola which will be at the apex of CF's football development pyramid, and will be run by Technical Director from FCBarcelona and will aim to put forth the best football players in the country who aspire to pursue the game professionally at the elite level.


  • Make Indian youth achieve world football standards
  • Create centres of excellence in football
  • Make students and parents aware of need for physical exercise and enjoying a good game


  • Inclusion - irrespective of talent, gender, handicap, minority, age etc.
  • Cooperation - playing football leads to helping others and get help oneself
  • Participation - parents are invaluable support and essential for success
  • Good sportmanship - Learning mutual respect rather than win-at-all costs
  • Excellence - supporting students with special talent for football

Eric Jones (Technical Advisor)

Eric Jones

FA qualified coach with approximately 15 years experience coaching Youth Football ( 3-18 years old, Girls, Boys ) in UK and India.

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