Green Card

The Green Card was established in Football at grassroots level to identify and encourage good behaviour and sportsmanship.

It promotes the principles of Fair Play.



The aim of the Green Card is to promote:

  • Fair Play
  • Good Mannerisms and Positive Attitude
  • Our concern to safeguard mother Nature - the Green Card symbolises purity to our environment.

Spirit of the Green Card

The Green Card signifies positive action and good mannerism:

  • to appreciate and to keep up the good work
  • to encourage and to be repeated
  • to indicate as an example for others to emulate

When to show the Green Card

On the Field of Play


  • Assisting an injured player
  • Apologising and shaking hands for unintentional foul play
  • Kicking the ball out of the playing area to get medical attention to an injured player
  • Respecting the opponent by giving back the ball that was kicked out of play because of an injury
  • Respecting the referees decisions.


  • when they support their team
  • applaud the opposing team
  • respect the referees decisions


  • Referees are to show the Green Card when there is a stoppage in the game
  • Referees do not need to stop play just to show the Green Card
  • Referees are also encouraged to show positive gestures as a sign of approval of the players positive action

Off the field of play

At Home, School, Office, Seminar or Course etc.

For example:

  • Respecting and Helping Senior Citizens
  • Good attitude shown by any individual (Children, Parents, Teachers, Pedestrians, Coaches, Participants, Instructors etc).


  • If a child does something good at home such as display good discipline and character his/her parent should show a Green Card as a symbol of appreciation.
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