League & Rules

Thank you for participating in the Delhi Schools Football League. We welcome this opportunity to provide regular quality fixtures based solely on improving grassroots provision in the wonderful game of football.

The Games

  • The games will be 11 aside per age group, a maximum squad of 15 players If a team has less than 9 players it will be 2-0 loss and a friendly will be played.
  • The teams will be split in to 3 categories: Seniors (16-19), Juniors (13-15), Sub Juniors (11-13)
  • Students may play up one age group but no pupils may play below their age range
  • All team lists and names need to be emailed to the organisers for security reasons by the Thursday of every week: k.obrien@british-school.org
  • You will provide transport of your players to the relevant venues
  • You will need to arrive a minimum of 30 min before your kick off time as stipulated by the league
  • If you are late for your kick off time than you will forfeit the score to a 2-0 loss and a friendly will be played. However this needs to be avoided. 
  • Your team/s will need at least one member of staff for each team, bearing in mind that you will be playing in different venues. We suggest a minimum of 3 adults for the 3 teams.
  • All players must be in appropriate clothing, with shin pads, long socks and safe footwear (either boots or astro trainers). Shin pads and long socks MUST be worn. Players will not be allowed to play without them.
  • Games will be 50 minutes (2 x 25 min halves) to allow smooth transition between games.
  • Any Red card offenders will play a one match suspension and if a player gets two yellow cards during the leagues duration they will also serve a one match suspension.
Conscient Group